Stops The Drop® Cell Phone Ring Loop Invention Here

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Stops The Drop® Cell Phone Ring Loop Invention Here

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Here’s a simple patented invention that will leave you saying, “Why the heck didn’t I think of that!”

The original Selfie Loop, the cell phone finger ring that Stops The Drop®

The Selfie Loop is NOT just a ring to hold your device. It’s much more. It’s a practical cell phone accessory that enhances your touch screen experience.

The Selfie Loop is so simple to use, everyone will enjoy them!

By simply inserting your finger through the Smart Loop, you can comfortably hold AND operate your touch screen with one hand, while gaining full mobility of your thumb to operate your screen without the fear and frustration of dropping your phone.

You’ll enjoy a new experience of texting, gaming, photographing, browsing, and reading on your phone all with one hand!

The Selfie Loop securely sticks to the back of your personal electronic devices, yet can be easily and cleanly removed.

The Selfie Loop is protected by US Patent No. D749,083.

Stops The Drop®

Patented Drop Protection For All Your Gadgets

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